"The world needs us, the sensitive ones, the deep breed, the feelers."
- Aarona Le√°

Aarona Leá Pichinson's journey has transformed her from a dedicated yoga teacher and wellness guide of 17 years into a trusted spiritual mentor, conscious business coach, writer, creative, and speaker. Rooted in her dedication to emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness, Aarona is a modern mystic who passionately commits herself to supporting others in their journey to thrive.

With over 25 years immersed in an array of healing modalities, yoga, meditation, various therapies, and interdisciplinary spiritual study - Aarona’s journey isn't just professional, but deeply personal. Her path from overcoming childhood trauma, wrestling with depression and anxiety, and a decade-long struggle with bulimia to full recovery is a testament to her fierce will to live and the practices she now champions. Her dedication is rooted in sharing this powerful path of healing and resilience with others.

As the author and founder of The Moon Deck, and the creator of the Intuitive Oracle Training and The Next Chapter guided journal, Aarona's impact is global. Her work has empowered tens of thousands of women worldwide through her physical and digital products, engaging workshops, transformative courses, healing retreats, and mentorship programs. Aarona also consults purpose-driven brands and individuals who want to bring new ideas or projects to life. Additionally, her extensive travels and background in photography and art enrich her perspective, infusing creativity and a broad worldview into her offerings.

Over the years Aarona's work has been featured in Goop, MindBodyGreen, Hello Giggles, Gaia, Elite Daily, Medium, Thrive Global, Well+Good, Traveler UK, 24Life, The Wellnest, Mantra Magazine, Voyage LA, Yoga Journal, Times of India, and others, including several notable podcasts.

This blend of life experience, study, and expertise continues to fuel Aarona's devotion to emotional wellness, spiritual strength, empowered healing, and intuitive living.

Consider the powerful impact on your life when you¬†embody¬†the qualities, thoughts, and feelings of the person you¬†envision in your dream future‚ÄĒhow will this reflection alter your path?


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