Courses & Programs

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Intuitive Oracle Training

Class starts May 2, 2024! Enroll NOW! An immersive 8-week course where you'll learn to become a fluent reader of The Moon Deck, strengthen your intuition, practice genuine self-love daily, harness the power of ritual, transform your beliefs, and boost your confidence. This empowering training is part self-guided through weekly video modules and part live with Aarona teaching masterclasses throughout. Catch it now before it transitions to a fully self-guided course. No more doubting yourself and your gifts. 


Intuition Roadmap Bundle

Develop and strengthen your intuition with a 2-hour video workshop coupled with a transformative 40-page eBook journal packed with prompts and practices + 2 powerful audio meditations. Learn the difference between Embodied and Expanded Intuition, Truth vs. Trigger, how to connect with your Inner Oracle, and more.


Ritual Class Bundle

Instantly dive into the transformative world of ritual practices with my Ritual Class Bundle. Explore a variety of 6 video classes at your own pace with meditation, intention setting, journaling, altar work, and self-love practices. Enjoy these hands-on rituals daily, weekly, seasonally, and with the monthly moon cycles.