The Next Chapter: Craft Your Future Self

"The Next Chapter: Craft Your Future Self" - a guided journal for your words, intentions, and spells. This transformative journal brings you thought-provoking prompts, insightful affirmations, and embodiment exercises to help you craft an extraordinary life and write your next chapter. Use this guided process to integrate your past as you design your future, set powerful intentions that actually manifest, define your North Star for daily guidance, and articulate the title and story of your next chapter.

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This guided journal is a great journey, and I'm already starting to feel and see a difference in my life and how I feel the further along I get in it! I'm still chipping away, but so far I am LOVING it! The prompts are clear and thoughtful and I love the art with the quote pages to help me feel inspired as I go into the next exercise. I tend to spend time working on it either in the morning, at the end of the day, or on the weekend - whenever I can just have a moment with myself. Some pages are a breeze, and others take more thought. Looking forward to whatever comes next! I got one for myself and a couple to give to friends so we can work on it together.

Anjie Emeka

This gentle, yet powerful guided journal is inviting, introspective and not intimidating. I have been able to take in the prompts, journal them, pause to absorb, and continue on eagerly unlike other guided journals that overwhelmed or intimidated me or were too much to get through in meaningful, timely way. If you are not following Aarona Lea yet on social media, do yourself a favor. I started following her a year and a half ago and using The Moon Deck she created and then took a course with her online. I can't tell you how many family & friends comment on how more peaceful and happier I am, and a co-worker just told me how I should "keep doing whatever you are doing" because whenever I speak it is with such authenticity and warmth. So, I told her my secret--Aarona Lea. *as you can see in the picture, I like to decorate while I contemplate, so far gel and water-based pens don't bleed through, nor does water coloring using very dry method.

Monalisa Veliz

A beautiful crafted booklet. Love everything about this and her products. Helps you find the inner words of self love, magic and more. The questions in here truly open your heart, spirit and mind. Brings out what you may have hidden inside. Truly opens your creativity and more. The artwork and words in here is magical along with taking it everywhere with you. Can’t wait to get another one.

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