The Ritual Class Bundle gives you 6 inspiring and insightful video classes with me to help get you started from the comfort of your home.  

This Ritual Class Bundle offers everything from meditation, journaling, intention setting, emotional wellbeing, intuition development, self-love practices, and more. 

Work with these rituals at your own pace, modifying as needed. They'll each support you in an array of self-love and self-care practices, guiding you to feel connected and centered within yourself. You can work with them daily, weekly, with the  monthly cycles of the moon, or seasonally. 

This Ritual Class Bundle Includes:
• Self Love Meditation (24 min)
• Word Weaving for Self Worth Ritual (39 min)
• Spirit Writing Ritual Practice (32 min)
• Intention Setting Ritual (28 min)
• Ritual for Rebirth and Renewal (32 min)
• Welcome to The Moon Deck video (12 min)

• Optionally, this bundle is a great companion with The Moon Deck oracle set. Grab yours HERE.


Jean Pflieger

A beautiful set of meditations that truly connected me to my self love. I use them often and would highly recommend it to others.


I like to write and play with words, so this was really appealing. The meditation helped get into the Heart Space, after which the words came spilling out for me! It was a lot of fun, and almost effortless! It was interesting to see how the words in the 3 columns often repeated during the exercise; inner child matching what inspires you! How Brilliant! Very enjoyable to let my intuition choose the words for the Mantra. I noticed the last word I picked felt the most uplifting in my Heart! It opened lots of creativity, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the next 30 days inspires me with this Mantra!

Anne MacGregor

I love this and it came so natural it also has allowed me to SHOW UP now the key is to continue showing up. Thank you I absolutely love this bundle... one of the greatest gifts I've bought myself (and friends🙏)


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