Transform self-doubt into deep trust and master your intuition with this powerful bundle:

  • Recorded 2-hour workshop: Join Aarona in a transformative journey to develop and strengthen your intuition. Discover the nuances between Embodied and Expanded Intuition, and learn to distinguish between fear and insightful guidance.

  • 40-page Ebook Journal: Dive into this interactive and insightful guide, brimming with wisdom and intention. Engage with prompts and practices tailored to your personal experiences, enhancing your growth and learning.

  • Real Talk on Healing: Explore the depth of healing and fortifying your connection with your Inner GPS. Every page offers growth, learning, and expansion.

  • Audio Meditations: Enhance your journey with two specially crafted audio meditations by The Moon Deck author, Aarona Leá, designed to support and nurture your intuition development while deepening your experience with the journal (available inside)

This bundle is more than just a learning experience; it's a lifestyle change filled with healing and magic. Understand the tone, texture, and quality of your inner voice, and see how trusting yourself and your intuition can lead to a happier, more insightful life as you embrace practices and teachings that will strengthen your intuition. Light a candle, grab a journal for a journey of self-discovery and intuitive mastery.



Love this journal! It has 2 guided meditations and the workbook is packed with amazing resources and writing prompts. Can’t wait for more of these!!!

Annie Phillips

I always come away wiser and more confident from any The Moon Deck experience, whether that’s my own readings at home, or watching a live or recorded event or workshop online. The Intuition Roadmap was exceptional. I have not had the privilege to attend an event in person, but find great value and encouragement in any association with The Moon Deck.

Lexi M

The truth vs trigger section was so helpful for me! So grateful for the prompts that helped me go deeper within myself and uncover some serious milestones. Thank you!

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